Person popping a pimple

Popping Pimples Is A Bad Idea. Here’s Why

Ever try to stop yourself from picking at or popping a pimple? Pretty hard to do, right? But here’s why you need to help your teen resist the urge: while momentarily satisfying, popping pimples rarely leads to a good outcome.

Here are the top 3 consequences of picking at or popping a pimple:

  1. The pimple may grow and become more noticeable
    When a pimple is popped, the inflammation can worsen and the pimple can become more noticeable than it was initially.1,2
  2. More pimples may form
    Popping a pimple ruptures the skin and introduces new bacteria that can cause infection and the formation of new pimples in the surrounding area. In addition, the applied pressure to pop pimples can push the infection deeper into the skin. The pimple then becomes more inflamed, redder, and more prominent. Surrounding pores can become infected, forming new pimples.1,3
  3. You may slow the healing process and cause scarring
    Popping pimples causes the skin to heal slower and increases the chance of scarring and skin hyperpigmentation.1,3

So, how do you convince your teen to leave a pimple alone? Check out the article “How To Keep Your Teen From Popping Pimples…And Why You Should!to learn a few tips to help them not pop their pimples.


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