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How To Prepare Your Teen For a First Visit To The Dermatologist

Going to the dermatologist for the first time can be intimidating. Here are 5 tips that can help you find the right dermatologist and help you and your teen have a successful first visit.

  1. Be clear about the reason for the visit and ask the office staff what to expect
    When you make the appointment, make sure you let the clinic know the reason for the visit. Ask them what your teen can expect during the visit. This will help your teen feel more prepared when it’s time for their appointment.1
  2. Write down all your questions before the visit
    It is difficult for anyone to remember all of their questions once they get into the exam room. Write down any questions you may have for the dermatologist, and have your teen do the same. This will help both of you remember all of your questions when you meet with the dermatologist. Also include a list of medications, if any, that your teen is taking. The dermatologist will need this information before they can decide on a treatment plan for your teen.1
  3. Take notes during the visit
    It can be hard to remember what the doctor said once you get home. Writing down the skin care routine your dermatologist prescribes for you can help you remember what steps and regimens were prescribed.2
  4. Skip the makeup
    The dermatologist will want to exam your teen’s skin, and they can’t do that when their face is made up. Remind your teen to wash their face before their visit and to apply just a thin coat of moisturizer. This will help your doctor develop the best treatment plan based on the teen’s skin.2
  5. Let your teen meet with the dermatologist by themselves
    This might be the hardest for any parent, but it’s important to let your teen talk to the dermatologist by themselves for a portion of the appointment. It will help the dermatologist learn what your teen wants, give the dermatologist a change to exam your teen, and help your teen bond with their dermatologist.


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