• Looking Back: Adults on Teen Acne

    Looking Back: Adults on Teen Acne

    By Jennifer Appenrodt

    We asked five adults to reveal the advice they would give their acne-riddled teenage selves. From not being so judgmental to not overdoing the meds, here’s what they had to say. Amanda, 29 “I got acne around the age of 13, and I'd tell my...

    11 Nov 2014
  • Adapalene (Differin)

    Adapalene (Differin)

    In some people, adapalene (sold under the brand name Differin®) has proven a great way to combat acne. You apply it as a gel or cream, and you need a prescription from your doctor to get it. Adapelene is a topical retinoid similar to Vitamin...

    30 Sep 2014
  • Shaving Bumps

    Shaving Bumps

    Pseudofolliculitis Barbae is a very common condition. You know it better as shaving bumps, and it can affect men and women. What causes it? As your hairs begin to grow back after shaving, waxing or plucking they can get trapped inside your follicles....

    22 Sep 2014
  • Rosacea


    It’s tempting to confuse rosacea with acne but they’re two different things. Rosacea is a separate skin condition generally found in people between 30 and 60 years old, and affects roughly 14 million Americans. If you have rosacea, your...

    22 Sep 2014

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