What are blackheads and what causes blackheads to form?

You know the story too well. Everyone around you seems to have flawless skin – and you have a T-zone full of ugly blackheads. Why are you the only one who seems to get them? Well, guess what:

Almost everyone gets acne, especially blackheads. They are a common result of your skin’s natural processes. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to like them. Understanding what they are (and are not) is key to eliminating them.

All right, so what are blackheads?

A blackhead is created when a follicle in your skin becomes plugged and pushes through the surface. Technically called open comedones, they are typically caused by your skin producing too much oil. This oil, when exposed to air, turns black in color (and sometimes yellow) because of a buildup of melanin, your skin’s dark pigment. Therefore blackheads are not caused by dirt as a lot of people think.

If you’ve gone or are going through puberty, you’re a good candidate for blackheads. That’s because your body generates a significant surge of hormones during puberty, and these hormones in turn stimulate your skin’s oil glands. This is 100% normal and means your body is doing what it’s supposed to do. But blackheads are an unfortunate byproduct.

There are other reasons you might get blackheads. If your skin isn’t cleaned properly, dead skin cells accumulate within the pores, your pores become clogged, and these clogs lead to oil buildup. Using oil-based cosmetics or moisturizers can also stimulate blackhead development, so talk to your doctor about the cosmetics that will work best for your skin. Likewise, pollution, humidity and grease in your work environment (like if you work in a kitchen near a deep-fryer) can also cause breakouts.

One more thing to keep in mind. Many people wonder why they still get blackheads even though they scrub the affected areas. The reality is your skin is supposed to be naturally oily. Excessive scrubbing and/or other irritations will actually cause your skin to produce more oil to compensate, thus creating even more blackheads. So clean your skin thoroughly but gently.

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