Emotional Impact Of Adult Acne

Emotional Impact of adult onset acne.

Emotional Impact Of Adult Acne

Your high school years are behind you, but suddenly you’re dealing with acne. That’s definitely not what you meant when you wished for younger skin. Yet, adult acne is more common than most people realize, with as many as 75% of adults dealing with breakouts at some time.

Despite being so common, adult onset acne carries considerable stigma. Breakouts can be especially embarrassing for adults because pimples are generally considered a “teen problem” and may wrongly be associated with poor hygiene or health. Some adults who suffer from acne find themselves avoiding relationships, social events and activities they love due to their breakouts in fear of judgment. The skin condition has even been associated with anxiety, depression and higher-than-average unemployment rates.’

The good news is that adults don’t have to live with visible acne breakouts. At any age, your best bet for consistently clear, healthy-looking skin is to learn the facts about acne, forget “quick fixes”, and adopt and stick to a skincare regimen with proven medicines. If your acne is severe, it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist because the longer you live with serious breakouts, the more likely you are to experience permanent scarring.

Remember, adult acne can happen to anyone, and its not as unusual as you think. However, if your feelings about your acne are seriously disrupting with your life, it’s important to talk to someone. Consider reaching out to a friend or a counselor.

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