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How To Know The Right Skincare Regimen For You


Once you find out which skincare regimen works for your particular skin type and acne condition, remember to stick with it. There is a common myth that ‘spot treatment’ – treating acne only where it flares-up and when it flares-up – is the best solution. The reality is the best treatment involves a consistent, daily routine that combines a gentle cleanser and exfoliant with acne fighting medication, to open pores and heal blemishes. It’s truly the only way to both treat AND prevent acne, no matter which type you have.

The more you know about your skin and your acne, the more you can do about it. When you understand the factors that contribute to your breakouts, and how different ingredients work to heal and prevent them, finding the right combination is easy.  And when you find what works for you, make sure you stick to that regimen.

There is no cure for acne today, but there are more treatment options than ever. A daily combination therapy routine that targets the factors that cause acne can help you stay ahead of it and see a clearer complexion.

A good routine might include an acne cleanser and toner, your prescription treatment or an over-the-counter one with an active ingredient like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, and perhaps an oil-free moisturizer. You need to find a routine that works well for your skin and your acne type, and then stay with it. Talk to your doctor if you’re not sure what kind of regimen might be right for you.

If you’re prone to acne, you’re prone to acne – all the time. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet, but by pursuing a daily regimen of acne therapy you can definitely win the battle for clear skin.