Take Control Of Your Acne

Take control of your acne with acne treatment for teens.

Take Control Of Your Acne

Teen acne can be extremely frustrating—it may even feel hopeless at times—but you’re actually really lucky. Never before have there been so many proven tools for fighting acne. You can enjoy clear, healthy-looking skin even if you’re dealing with a face full of pimples today.

One of the most effective medicines for combating acne is benzoyl peroxide. Clinically proven to kill acne bacteria, benzoyl peroxide is found in most teen acne treatments, including cleansers, lotions and creams.  It’s been used for over 40 years because it works. It’s one of the only over-the-counter ingredients that targets and then kills the P. acnes bacteria that lives inside the pores (or hair follicles) of everyone’s skin. In non-prescription form, treatments offer concentrations of 2.5%, 5% and 10% benzoyl peroxide. More aggressive prescription medications contain typically higher concentrations.

But you won’t necessarily get better results with higher concentrations of benzoyl peroxide. Studies show that, when used properly, treatments with lower concentrations of benzoyl peroxide are just as effective at healing and preventing breakouts. There are side effects to benzoyl peroxide, including redness and dryness, both of which can be managed with an oil-free moisturizer.  An acne-fighting regimen formulated with benzoyl peroxide is the best place to start if you have mild to moderate acne.

If you’re acne is severe, it may be a good idea to see a dermatologist. The longer you live with serious breakouts, the more likely you are to experience permanent scarring. Your dermatologist can help you find more advanced solutions, including laser treatments, prescriptions drugs, and blue light therapy.

Whatever you do, always use good teen acne prevention and develop good skincare habits.  The best way to control pimples is to disrupt the acne cycle below the surface, inside pores, to prevent breakouts from ever becoming visible on the skin’s surface. Click here for a few simple practices than can help you minimize your breakouts.

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