Partners With YouTube Star Cassandra Bankson To Tell Acne Sufferers ‘The Clear Story’

Featured Video Play Icon Partners With YouTube Star Cassandra Bankson To Tell Acne Sufferers ‘The Clear Story’

When we look into the mirror, we may see blemishes on our face. But acne is much more than skin deep. It’s physical, it’s social, it’s emotional. And even those who have suffered from it or studied it, don’t completely understand how those three aspects braid together.

When we flip through articles on a browser or channels on a TV screen, it’s hard not to feel disconnected. Characters under bright lights with makeup. Skin glowing as if it’s plastic. These images don’t reflect ourselves or our daily lives.

When we go to seek out help, we are often left confused or feel unheard. How are we supposed to get help for our skin if we don’t know where to start? is the platform I wish I had when my skin was at its worst. As global brand ambassador of, I will help bring you ‘The Clear Story,’ a 16-part video series where we demystify acne. Forget all the myths and misinformation. I will be sharing my personal tips, tricks and anecdotes. And, together, we’ll cut through the clutter to get at honest facts and real advice.

I have been an acne sufferer for over 15 years. I’m no stranger to the maze of cosmetic aisles, stares of strangers, and the emotional fatigue that comes from avoiding eye contact.

A victim of bullying in school, I never had a safe space to discuss my skin. It wasn’t until I started posting YouTube videos about my acne, that I found that place. By opening up, I slowly learned to let go.

I started talking openly about my acne, how it had affected my life, what I was doing to fix it, what worked, and what turned out to be an epic fail. By learning the names of chemicals, inspecting ingredients, and trying unusual trends, I created a community of empowerment. Through knowledge, we were able to control our acne, not be controlled by it.

In a digital world with so much information at our fingertips, you’d think acne treatment would be easier. But there are so many opinions it’s hard to know what’s fiction and what’s fact. I have been blogging for over seven years. And I’m elated to now be the voice and face of

Real advice. Personal stories. This is ‘The Clear Story.’

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