Stop Breakouts Before They Start! 5 Quick Fixes That Will Put You On A Path To Clearer Skin

How to stop acne breakouts? 5 skin care tips to help prevent acne breakouts.

Stop Breakouts Before They Start! 5 Quick Fixes That Will Put You On A Path To Clearer Skin

Stopping breakouts before they start can seem impossible. You break out, you try a product, and that doesn’t work. Then you try another product. That works, but only for a few weeks. Then you’re back to square one. Frustrating? Um, yeah!

But there is a better solution. Getting ahead of the cycle instead of behind it can make a huge difference. There are five changes you can make in your daily routine that can make a lasting impression.

Here’s how to start …

Add A Toner To Your Regimen

“If you just use a cleanser once a day, you [can] get a 25-percent improvement in your skin,” Dr. Neal Schultz, a dermatologist in New York City, tells “Make sure you are using a cleanser labeled for oily, acne prone skin. But you’ll get a real boost by following up that cleanser with a toner/astringent.”

A cleanser will remove about 70 – 80 percent of the dirt and debris from your skin, but you need help removing the rest. A toner removes the residual cleanser along with the remaining dead cells, dirt and oil. By adding 10 more seconds to your twice-daily routine, you can get serious results.

Get Enough Sleep! And Other Lifestyle Changes …

“For starters, make sure you don’t exercise with makeup on and wash your skin before you do anything that involves sweating,” Dr. Schultz says. “Next, stop touching your face because you’re just adding dirt and debris, which leads to clogged pores. Then switch to oil-controlling products.”

“Other changes you can make include getting enough sleeping, thinking about how you deal with stress, and consider getting a facial once a week if the acne is bad enough.”

Switch Out Hair Products That Are Causing Problems

Hair products are one of those secret causes of acne. But it’s not hard to fix the problem. “Certain hair products can cause acne because the oils in them melt off the hair shaft and drip down on to your skin without you even knowing,” reveals Dr. Schultz.

“You may want to use argon oil in your hair, but beware because you don’t necessarily want argon oil on your face.”

To know if a product is leading to breakouts, stay away from those for drier hair because they add oils to them. Instead, choose products that are for normal or oily hair. Using less conditioner and keeping your hair off your face will also help prevent acne at the hairline.

Re-Evaluate What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet

You may have chosen the perfect cleanser and toner, but what about all of the other products you use? There may be hidden things in your house or medicine cabinet making you break out “Look at everything you apply to your face from moisturizer to sunscreen and makeup,” says Dr. Schultz. “I would avoid all products with oil.”

Watch What You Eat

“The allegedly forbidden foods [chocolate, pizza, fried foods, pizza and caffeine], diets high in refined sugar and dairy may cause some people to break out,” notes Dr. Schultz. “Consequently, avoiding these triggers” can help.

As for the claim that salmon, spinach, almonds and blueberries could help your skin? Dr. Schultz says there’s no scientific proof that’s accurate.

So for now start with these five easy changes, and let us know in a month if they’ve made a difference!

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