The Fastest Way To Get Professional Acne Care? Cassandra Bankson Discusses A New Approach To Dermatologist Visits

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The Fastest Way To Get Professional Acne Care? Cassandra Bankson Discusses A New Approach To Dermatologist Visits

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For years, much of my life revolved around visits to the dermatologist. Scheduling appointments, getting there, waiting (and waiting some more) ate up much of my time and energy. But that changed when I discovered an app called DermatologistOnCall.

When my acne was at its worst, doctors’ visits seemed as constant as my breakouts. Every few months I had to refill prescriptions or try new ones. When the meds I was taking failed – one burned a large brown mark onto the side of my chin! – I’d be back for an adjustment.

These trips were always an ordeal. I had to rework my schedule or take time out of school for the appointment. I had to find a ride or beg my parents to let me borrow their car. Then I’d sit in the office waiting room, sometimes for over an hour, until the doctor returned from lunch or wherever.

Even more upsetting, I’d agonize over what people were thinking about my bare skin.

It was hard enough to leave the house for school each morning protected with a mask of makeup. But having to go barefaced to my dermatologist was just as daunting. I felt naked if I wasn’t wearing concealer or foundation. I just wanted to hide at home with my cats!

Then I found a solution. I could hang out in my pajamas and get a diagnosis by a dermatologist by using DermatologistOnCall. At any time during the day or even in the middle of the night I could connect with a board-certified dermatologist online by sending photos and filling out a quick form. The dermatologists get back to patients with a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan in as little as 24 hours.

Here’s how it works: You simply create a profile and upload a few no-makeup selfies showing your acne or other skin condition. Then one of more than 200 board-certified dermatologists reviews your condition and gets back to you with a care plan. They can even send prescriptions directly to a local pharmacy.

More good news? At a flat fee of $50 with the discount, the service is super-affordable. You don’t need insurance or a referral – and you can do it completely online.

DermatologistOnCall has been a huge time-  and money-saving discovery for me. Best of all, I get to stay in my sweatpants, keep the makeup off and take care of my skin!

Do you have a hectic schedule that makes it hard to get to the doctor? Then check out DermatologistOnCall and let me know what you think. Also, if you want to swap acne stories be sure to tweet me @sincerelycass11 or leave a comment on @Cassandrabankson Instagram.

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