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How To Treat A Breakout Before Prom: Cassandra Bankson Shares Advice On Finding A Skincare Regimen Leading Up To That Wedding Or Black-Tie Event


We spend countless hours and dollars getting ready for things like prom, weddings, and formals. We search for the perfect outfit, start a new diet or begin working out. So why don’t we spend more time prepping our skin?

I was the maid of honor for my friend Middy’s wedding last October. As I wrote a speech and booked my hair and nail appointments, I remembered sitting home alone during my high school prom because of my acne-prone skin.

This time I didn’t want to hide. I was going to put my skincare first. No matter how good my makeup looked I wouldn’t feel good if my skin didn’t feel good. So I created a clear skin checklist in advance. It saved the day − and my skin!

60 days out: While you’re shopping for dresses and shoes, add skincare to the list. It’s good to try out new skincare a few months in advance, because sometimes a new skincare regimen can cause your skin to break out before it gets better.

Keep the seasons in mind: if it’s winter, you’ll likely want a hydrating moisturizer. If it’s summer, try a non-greasy moisturizer so your skin doesn’t look oily or shiny. I also like to use a shine-control product. All year round, continue to invest in an effective, non-irritating acne product.

30 days out: Book hair and nail appointments and start practicing your own makeup. Even if you are getting your makeup done professionally for the event, it’s a good idea to play around with different foundation colors and textures to cover raised acne or and scars.

Bring your own foundation so you don’t have to worry about the artist’s makeup suiting your skin. I like to use a thick, pancake-like foundation to fill in pitted scars, and then I work it into my skin with a sponge.

Seven days out: This is the time to start thinking about that healthy glow. Get a facial a week before the event or use a light face mask at home while you’re watching TV.

Three days out: Get tons of sleep. Don’t fall asleep with makeup. And stick to your morning and evening routines. If you like to work out, this isn’t a good time to wear makeup to the gym. Remember: You don’t want a last-minute breakout!

The big day: Be prepared: Keep your concealer and blotting sheets close. Even if you don’t have an unexpected breakout, someone else might, and it’s always good to be prepared and lend a helping hand.

Big events can be stressful, but these five steps helped me plan ahead and decrease the stress.

I was no longer afraid of acne showing up in the wedding photos. Now I could give my maid of honor speech and dance the night away.

Do you have your own checklist for important events?  If you have other tips please tweet me at @sincerealycass11 or leave me a comment on @CassandraBankson Instagram .  I would love to know your routine and see photos from your big day!