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Do Skincare And Beauty Products Expire? When To Clean Out Your Messy Medicine Cabinet


We’ve all been there. Your medicine cabinet is filled with countless acne and beauty products. But you haven’t used any of them in months. When is it time to say bye-bye to those old items sitting in your bathroom?

“Many beauty products, especially those with antioxidants become inactive over time,” Dr. Bradley Bloom, a dermatologist at Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists (SLSS) in New York City, tells If the products are inactive, then the acne-fighting medicine won’t get into your skin and can inadvertently lead to breakouts. It’s basically as if you stopped your skincare regimen.

So when should you throw something away? “I am a stickler about this,” says Dr. Bloom. “If you want a product to work the way it is supposed to then use it before the expiration date.” The best way to start is to check the expiration date when getting a new product. That may sound strange, but you want to make sure that it hasn’t been sitting around on a shelf for too long.

One interesting note when shopping: “Certain products come in dual chamber pumps to extend the shelf life because it keeps components separate so they don’t inactivate each other over time,” says Dr. Bloom.

And there’s an answer to the problem that’s even easier: Sign up for a renewal program so you know your products won’t expire.

You get to personalize your Proactiv kit, choose a delivery schedule and have new products come anywhere between four and 20 weeks.

Say goodbye to cluttered medicine cabinets. It’s time for spring cleaning. Are you ready?