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Should You Pop A Pimple? Don’t Even Try … What You Need To Know


When a big, juicy pimple is staring back at you in the mirror, and everything inside your brain is going “pop it … pop it,” leaving that bad boy alone can feel like absolute torture.

But before you decide to squeeze it (and mess up your mirror), here are some pimple popping facts should know.

MYTH: Once A Pimple Is Popped, It’s Gone Forever

While technically that pimple may be gone, popping pimples leaves your face vulnerable because the process allows dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells to seep further into the skin, which may result in a brand new eruption.

FACT: Picking Pimples Can Cause More Problems

Redness caused by the trauma of squeezing the skin can actually cause a red or brown spot that lasts for weeks or months. In extreme cases that spot turns into a scar, which will be an everlasting reminder of that one pesky pimple.

MYTH: Once You Popped A Pimple You Can’t Soothe The Skin

Not necessarily. If you lost your will power and squeezed, there are a few things you can do to help the wound heal. 1. Immediately wash the area with a clean, warm towel. 2. If it’s inflamed ice the spot to try to bring down the swelling. 3. When you’re done icing, use a dab of Benzoyl Peroxide or an antibacterial ointment like Neosporin.

FACT:  If You Pick At A Scab It Will Get A Lot Worse

Picking a scab is like asking for a scar to form. Scabs are there to provide protection as the skin below is trying to regenerate itself. If it’s making you crazy grab a mini Band-Aid ASAP. You don’t want to be tempted to touch the spot again.

Not Sure What To Do When You’re Dying To Pop That Pimple? Try These Fixes Instead  …

  1.  If you’re at home, wash your face with warm water and an oil-controlling cleanser.
  2.  After you’ve cleansed put a small amount of medication on the flare-up.
  3.  To avoid over-drying use a light moisturizer next to the pimple.
  4.  Still want to touch it? Walk away from the mirror, and distract yourself.  Believe us, you’ll be so happy you did.