How To Treat Acne: 5 Reasons Proactiv+ Is a Game-Changer for Acne Sufferers

The products mentioned in this article are sold by The Proactiv Company LLC, an affiliate of the company that owns
How to treat acne with Proactiv+.

How To Treat Acne: 5 Reasons Proactiv+ Is a Game-Changer for Acne Sufferers

The products mentioned in this article are sold by The Proactiv Company LLC, an affiliate of the company that owns

Acne is like a sly fox—it’s the master of surprise attacks. By the time you see a pimple, it’s been planning its arrival for two or three weeks. So you need a game plan. Proactiv+ makes it easy to outsmart acne—and treat your skin with the love it deserves at the same time. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Doesn’t forget the “skin” in skincare.

Just because you have acne doesn’t mean the rest of your skin has to be forgotten! In fact, especially because you are treating your acne, you need ingredients that help keep skin hydrated and renewed.

Proactiv+ is the next generation of Proactiv® skincare. These latest treatments have been infused with an array of antioxidants, botanicals and other skin-nourishing ingredients that you’d find in today’s high-end skincare products. In addition to treating your acne, Proactiv+ helps soothe skin and improve the look ofdark marks, enlarged pores and dull complexion.

Reason #2: Treats your acne—and also what acne has done to your skin.

If only we could predict the future. Unfortunately, we only begin treating acne once it shows itself to be a persistent problem. That means we’re looking for something immediate, but also something to address the damage that’s been done.

Proactiv+ has been shown to clear acne 4 times faster than the leading topical prescription.* Plus, the 3-step system contains ingredients like kojic acid, a prebiotic, omegas and hyaluronic acid that help visibly reduce post-acne marks and even out skin tone.

Reason #3: Delivers twice the benzoyl peroxide to pores.

The surface of your skin can only take so much benzoyl peroxide. It’s a strong medicine—irritation can result. But to get rid of acne-causing bacteria, you need more of it. Compared to the original formula, Proactiv+ delivers 2X more acne medicine into your pores, but—and this is important—with Smart Target® technology. They’ve encapsulated the BPO in lipids that are strongly attracted to the oil-rich environment in the pores. So, bloop, that’s where it goes. We get faster results than with Proactiv® while helping minimize irritation to the skin’s surface.

Reason #4: Exfoliates gently enough for daily use and skin that’s still recovering.

First, let’s be super clear: acne is not caused by “dirty skin.” That said, acne-prone skin needs a deeper clean than normal-functioning skin. The process that causes acne traps excess oil and bacteria inside your pores. Scrubbing is tough for skin with active acne and can actually encourage more acne.

The Proactiv+ 3-step system contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Both help reveal smoother skin and improve texture and tone. Glycolic acid, which is often used in anti-aging products, is used as a gentle cleansing exfoliant; while salicylic acid is an ingredient in the leave-on moisturizer to help keep pores clear and soothe skin.

Reason #5: It’s a carefully devised regimen, which acne-prone skin needs.

Because the causes of acne are mainly genetic and hormonal, it’s not always something you can manage with lifestyle changes. Treatment of acne is ongoing through different phases of life. It’s an exciting development to get skincare that treats acne rather than just an acne treatment that you desperately use in an effort to get rid of pimples. And it works! In a 13-week user perception study, 85% of people reported better results than with any other prescription acne products they have used.*

With introductory kits starting at $19.95, which includes auto delivery, it’s easier than ever to try Proactiv Solution or Proactiv+. Plus you get a free gift and free shipping with your introductory order. With their 60-day money back guarantee (less shipping and handling), you get your money back even if you return empty bottles!

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*Study participants suffering from mild to moderate acne using the most commonly prescribed generic acne treatment gel (as of April, 2014) took 4 weeks to achieve approximately the same reduction in total lesion count as achieved by study participants after just 1 week’s use of Proactiv+. After 12 weeks’ use, total lesion count reduction data between the same 2 groups showed that Proactiv+ was still twice as fast.

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