Acne Cosmetica

Avoid acne cosmetica, a form of acne by buying non comedogenic products.

Acne Cosmetica

As the name suggests, acne cosmetica is a form of acne triggered by cosmetic use; however, ‘cosmetic’ doesn’t just mean make-up, which is why guys can get it, too. Anything that touches your face can potentially cause acne cosmetica. This condition can happen to anyone, male or female, even those not predisposed to acne attacks.

Not surprisingly, acne cosmetica affects skin areas where you apply cosmetics and lotions the most-cheeks and forehead. The condition develops over a period of weeks or months and appears as small, itchy or rash-like pink bumps. It may persist indefinitely, especially if you continue to use the same stuff on your face. But don’t worry, there’s no scarring.

The easiest way to avoid acne cosmetica is to purchase make-up and skincare products that are ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘nonacnegenic’, an industry term that simply means the products are less likely to cause irritation or clogging of the pores. Note, however, that even these products don’t work on everyone. For some people, they may even make acne worse. Best advice? Avoid products that seem to bother your skin altogether if possible. Remember, your skin is unique to you, and that means it will react (or not react) to various cosmetics differently.

Acne cosmetica can mimic other acne conditions, so it’s recommended you consult a dermatologist.